Lorde performs at "Good Morning America's" Summer Concert Series at Rumsey Playfield, Central Park on August 20, 2021 in New York City.

Lorde recently spoke about being a female artist in the music industry during Variety’s Power of Women issue. Music News says she spoke about the double standard in the music business with women. She says she isn’t “bound to the systems of our industry the way a lot of women do…” She sometimes doesn’t think of herself as a female artist because she isn’t the object of desire.

The New Zealand singer says it’s important to be bold so that you’ll be heard, which is hard for her because she’s so shy. She says, although it’s hard to speak up, “you always regret not being bold, and you very rarely regret toughening up and doing it.

When talking about the industry as a whole Lorde says, “If you think that the industry is real life, you’re going to run into problems. It’s fantasy and archetype.

Lorde is set to be honored today at Variety’s Power of Women ceremony. She is being recognized for her activism work with the climate movement 350 Aotearoa.

Do you look at women who downplay their image versus those who are known for their image differently? What are some ways that you’ve seen other artists become objects of desire?

Source: Music News

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