Vulnerable when the Great White is around!

A great white shark who attacked a California man last week might be one of the largest in the ocean. WRBL says male great whites are normally 11-13 feet long while females are 15-16 feet long. The one that bit this man? Scientists say it was a whopping 20 feet long!!

62-year-old Steve Bruemmer was bitten while swimming near Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove. Thankfully, he was rescued by several Good Samaritans. Surf instructor Heath Braddock and standup paddleboarders Paul Bandy and Amy Johns came to Bruemmer’s rescue. Luckily, Johns is a nurse and Bandy is a Sacramento police officer.

Bruemmer is currently hospitalized in stable condition. He has injuries primarily to his stomach, but also to his leg and arm.

Braddock said, “He was 300 feet out. A lot of tourists cry wolf and cry out ‘shark!’ It’s rarely the case. It’s usually a dolphin. But this guy continued to scream frantically. I saw the pool of blood around him so I knew it was real.”

Based on the size of the bite marks, the shark was estimated to be up to 20 feet long.  That would make it an exceptionally large creature. Most great whites range from 11-16 feet long, while only the largest reach 20 feet.

Do you know anyone who won’t go in the ocean due to sharks?

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