TikTok’s Tortilla Challenge has 181.1 million views and might be the reason you can’t find tortillas on your grocery shelves.

The recently viral challenge involves you standing face to face with someone holding a mouth full of water taking turns slapping each other in the face with a tortilla. For a lot of videos, participants do rock, paper, scissors to see who slaps who each time. The NY Post says the first person to spit out their water loses.

For some videos, TikTok has posted the warning: “Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.” But, this challenge seems to be much less dangerous than many other challenges that have arisen on the social media platform.

Check out @miiraib’s video doing the challenge:

Here is @pattysbrain101 with their challenge that got over 63.5 million views:

Jimmy Fallon even got in on the challenge with Demi Lovato for the “Tonight Show” TikTok Account. If spitting out water means you lose, I’m not sure you could say Jimmy lost, but Demi definitely hits him hard enough for a loss! LOL!

Have you tried any TikTok Challenges? Would you try the Tortilla Challenge?

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