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The Full Tortured Poets Department Setlist From The Eras Tour

And we knew it was coming. The question was not if it was when and what it would contain. And a little more than 2 hours into the Paris Night One Eras Tour we got our answer on what the Tortured Poets Department setlist would contain. The Tortured Poets Department set follows 1989. Taylor took the stage wearing an outfit similar to her Grammy ensemble where she announced the project. Complete with the clock necklace. "But Daddy I Love Him" was the first song and it is one of my favorite tracks so I was thrilled that she added this one! She presumably confirms the last verse is about Travis, going into a brief section of "So High School" a song we know is about her current love. Taylor then glides across the stage on a new set piece during "Who's Afraid Of Little Old Me". This part was very very cool! Mandy Moore worked a number with the choreography for The Tortured Poets Department setlist. I'm loving it all. "Down Bad" was made to be performed live. And she seemingly mashed the track up with the single "Fortnight" for another incredible performance. The one we got a sneak peek photo of on social media. "I Can Do It With A Broken Heart" may be the best live performance of this tour. Performing a circus-type show, she did the signature Taylor Swift on-stage costume change this time into a two-piece outfit with a short jacket. I loved everything about this performance of one of my favorite songs on the album. If you need me the rest of the day I'll be watching videos of that on repeat. The Tortured Poets Department Setlist "But Daddy I Love Him" "So High School"  "Who's Afraid Of Little Old Me"  "Down Bad/Fortnight"  "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived"  "I Can Do It With A Broken Heart" 

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