The Wrap Party

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Latest Episode: The Wrap Party | Maney Is Officially A Dad Of Two!
What happened this week?   Oh, childbirth. That's right, that thing! Maney and his wife, Amanda, welcomed their second child into the world this week which caused Maney to miss a few days. We catch up with him about dad of two life and also catch him up with some things that happened on the…

War Of The Roses

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Latest Episode: War Of The Roses: The Psychic Who Didn't See This Coming
We met Whitney, a psychic, who had a very strong feeling that her boyfriend Greg has been seeing another woman.  She says the letter "A" has spoken to her, has a bizarre reaction to Greg's flowers, and leaves us all in disbelief that she's an actual psychic.  You have to hear it to believe it....

The MRL Show On Demand

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Latest Episode: The MRL Morning Show Replay | Thursday, August 16th, 2018
We're nearing the end of the week which means we brought all of the entertainment today! We revisited a very touching Confession Wednesday, had a brand new WOTR with a "psychic," discussed "digital dating," and said good-bye to our intern Marissa- but not before putting her on the spot and playing a game involving her…