Choppin It Up with QCB

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Latest Episode: Brady vs Everybody & NBA is Ridiculous
QCB SB53 Radio Row interviews has QCB not in a good mood...He'll tell you why...Plus The Expert in Everything Bartholomew Wilcox said "Just see what Tom Brady's doing and simply stop it"...Q agrees with Charles Barkley and much much more. 

Taking Dead Aim With Charlie Nance

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Latest Episode: Tone-Deaf And Cheap Is No Way To Be A Pro Golfer
Ron Green Jr. of The Global Golf Post and Charlotte Observer; syndicated host of The Augusta Golf Show, John Patrick; and Fansided.com's Ron Mintz all take dead aim at the stories and issues from this week in golf.

The MRL Show On Demand

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Latest Episode: The Wrap Party | Cards Against Humanity With LauRen's Au Pair
On today's Wrap Party Podcast we talk about how it was playing Cards Against Humanity with LauRen's au pair. We also find out if Maney and his wife will be bringing a birthday present to Dean's friend's birthday party where the mom asked for no gifts. Roy also went bra shopping...