The Wrap Party

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Latest Episode: The Wrap Party: Behind The Scenes of Roy The Human Pinata
If you missed our show on Friday...we decided to turn Roy into a human pinata. We ordered three actual pinatas and taped them around Roy's body. Yes, his chest and head were exposed. LauRen, Maney & Producer Nicole all got to take a swing at him, blindfolded. What you heard on the radio is always…

The MRL Show On Demand

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Latest Episode: The MRL Morning Show Replay | Tuesday, June 19th, 2018
It's a hot one here in Charlotte on this sunny Tuesday and the MRL Show dove right into it this morning! We took the show off script for a minute and helped LauRen's brother change her son's diaper, made a local love connection for two lucky listeners, and dished on all the new Hollywood gossip…