Step Three: Put your marshmallows on a stick

There’s a record for everything, it seems. A man in Idaho has set a Guinness Record for “most marshmallows caught in the mouth in one minute” catapulted by a man-made machine.

Yes, this is a thing. UPI says David Rush used Father’s Day weekend to have 59 marshmallows launched into his mouth using a homemade catapult. He teamed up with his brother-in-law, Kevin Moore, who was the one to launch the mallows from the machine they built together. And the coolest part of the homemade catapult? They only made it out of household items. It looks like they used a wooden spoon as the launch for the mallows.

The two men set up the catapult in what looks like one of their house’s foyers. I wonder what made them think that was the best place for marshmallow shooting… LOL!

David previously broke 250 other World Records to promote STEM education.

The previous record was 47 marshmallows, set in 2018 by Ashrita Furman and Homagni Baptista. Watch David break the record below!!

How many marshmallows do you think you can catch in your mouth in one minute? Have you ever attempted to break a record? Do you know anyone who’s been in the Guinness World Records book?

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