The queen of pop-punk, Avril Lavigne helped an entire generation of women deal with the angst of their teenage years. The Canadian-born songstress signed her first record deal at the age of 15, and, despite the fact that she sold her talents to record execs with softer, more country-western songs, she quickly became one of the most visible women in alt-rock. Today, Lavigne has circled back to her roots, releasing a few mellow tracks alongside her iconic grungy studio albums.

Avril Lavigne recently addressed age-old conspiracy theories that have plagued her for years. Specifically the theory that says the “real” Avril Lavigne died and the person who exists as her now is a fake. LOL! The “Girlfriend” singer took to TikTok to address the theories.

PopCrush says that theory first originated in 2011 by a Brazilian blog called Nylon. The post was called, “Avril Esta Morta” or “Avril Is Dead”. The post claimed the real Avril died in 2003 after a deep depression following the death of a close family member. To save her successful career, the post alleges that her record label hired a doppelganger named Melissa to take Avril’s place and continue on as her.

The post cited certain “evidence” to back up their theory including the absence of certain moles on Avril’s body, her change in fashion, and a picture with the name Melissa written on her hand.

In the clip, Lavigne can be seen standing in what appears to be a tour bus. “Every comment on my Instagram,” the video is captioned. The video is part of a trend where the person compares two scenarios using one of TikTok’s viral sounds.

The first response: “Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?” But the second, which is supposed to be the more common scenario, read: “Are you the real Avril?”

TikTok users commenting on the video continue with the ongoing joke. One user said, “I’m even more sus now”. Another said, “But are you?”

Do you believe that there is a fake Avril?

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