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19 Taylor Swift Songs You May Not Know Since They Aren’t On Her Albums

So you think you know Taylor Swift? You have all her albums, perhaps you've seen her record-breaking Eras Tour. But do you know ALL her music? I'm not talking unreleased tracks right now (though that is a web I love to go down and one I will once Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version) is officially announced. There are 19 Taylor Swift songs you may not know. That's because these are songs she has released but that aren't on her studio albums. Instead, we are looking at songs that were collaborations included on the other artists' albums, songs for movie soundtracks, or released as promotional singles. The 19 tracks included on this list span from as early as 2009 to as recent as 2023. You'll even hear some genres you may not be used to Taylor tackling included as well. If you're reading this you will probably recognize some songs on this list. But unless you are as die-hard as me (and have been for as long) there is a good chance that at least one or two of these songs are unfamiliar to you. If not- let's be friends! I did skip "Beautiful Eyes" and "I Heart ?" as technically those songs were released though they are not on streaming services. Maybe a song you know but haven't thought about in ages is on the list. That's always fun too! But perhaps this will give you a new playlist to delve into as we wait for April 19th the release day of The Tortured Poets Department. (Side note how many days left? "But honestly, baby, who's counting? Who's counting?" Me that's who!) So give this list a once over and perhaps your new favorite song is waiting to be discovered! It's easy to caught up in simply listening to the albums on repeat. And at this point, there are so many (which is a great problem to have!). But don't forget about these 19 Taylor Swift songs you may not know. There are some fantastic ones.

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