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At this point, I think we’re all searching to live a happier life in all the ways we can. Since the beginning of the pandemic, life’s been a lot tougher for a lot of people. In my personal experience, I think what’s happened is my happiness has become tied to big events or seeing specific people. And it’s become less of something I experience in small moments during the day when really it should be.

Have you also felt like life has gone by fast but also slow at the same time? Like the days go by painfully slow sometimes, but the weeks and months go by SO fast. Does it feel like you might be missing part of it because you’re too busy worrying about…well…everything??

Recently, I’ve been trying to find ways to be more present in the moment. I oftentimes focus too much on the future or past. And this is usually where my worry comes from, and why my happiness has become something that I don’t even really notice sometimes. Sound familiar? If it does, this article is just for you.

Using The Positivity Blog, and my personal experience, here are five easy things you do each day that will ultimately lead you to a happier life.

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  • 1. Set a low bar for happiness

    The Positivity Blog says you should begin each day by giving yourself the expectation that your bar for happiness will be low. This way, simple things that are normally just seen by us as everyday things, like lunch or your favorite song on the radio, can be reframed in our minds to simply be things that make us happy. We appreciate them more that way.

  • 2. Help someone

    Helping someone is always something that makes you feel good. And helping could mean so many things. Sharing kind words with a stranger, helping a neighbor or family member with a chore. But it could also mean just making someone feel heard or seen. No matter what you do to help, take a moment to recognize the good you have done.

  • 3. Be kinder to yourself

    This is much easier said than done, because really, it’s a state of mind to be kinder to yourself. It’s an active thing you need to do, or else you might forget and let your worries take over. I suggest taking time right after you brush your teeth while you’re still looking in the mirror to really look at yourself. Look yourself in the eyes through the mirror and then say nice things to yourself. This could be anything that means the most to you. Some that I repeat for myself are: “I am worthy of the life I know I deserve” and “I deserve to be happy today”.

  • 4. Take time to reflect each day

    I’ve found that in getting rid of worries, you need to actually give them the time of day, or else they’ll constantly be at the back of your mind. As you can tell a lot of these tips just have to do with slowing down your day. I suggest taking some time to really think through your worries, and ask yourself one very important question: “is this worry about something that is out of my control?” If the answer is yes, take this as an automatic pass to not worry anymore. If the only thing you can actually do is worry, then what’s the point? Again, easier said than done, but take it from me. Any reason not to worry is a good reason.

  • 5. Go slowly

    One of my worst habits is rushing myself. I often get impatient with myself when I’m trying to do something because usually, I just want to get it done. Like grocery shopping. Or chores. Or even cooking. But lately, I’ve been really trying to get rid of this rushed feeling that I constantly have. When this happens, I get anxious and I have to pull myself back to the moment and remind myself that I actually do have time. After all, the only way you’re going get to where you’re going is slowly. 🙂

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