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Maney, Roy, and Lauren are three people from opposite ends of the country. Maney is born and raised in New Jersey. Lauren is born and raised in Miami, Florida. Roy comes from simple beginnings in the Blue Ridge Mountains. As the saying goes “opposites attract”, and the three come together to form the Maney, Roy and Lauren Morning Show.

Roy & LauRen's Trip To Florida Recap

MRL enjoyed a 3 day weekend this past weekend and it just so happened that Roy & LauRen both planned separate trips to Florida! So, of course, they do what any best friends/show mates would do...hang out in Florida! And of course...just like any time one of us are involved in something...stories evolve!

Maney Talks To Lebron James, Kemba Walker & Steph Curry During All Star Weekend

The NBA All-Star Game was this past weekend in our city, Charlotte, North Carolina and Maney got to go to Media Day where he got the opportunity to talk to some of NBA's biggest stars like Lebron James, Kemba Walker & Steph Curry. Find out how he made Lebron James laugh and find out Kemba &…

The Wrap Party | Cards Against Humanity With LauRen's Au Pair

On today's Wrap Party Podcast we talk about how it was playing Cards Against Humanity with LauRen's au pair. We also find out if Maney and his wife will be bringing a birthday present to Dean's friend's birthday party where the mom asked for no gifts. Roy also went bra shopping...