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Maney, Roy, and Lauren are three people from opposite ends of the country. Maney is born and raised in New Jersey. Lauren is born and raised in Miami, Florida. Roy comes from simple beginnings in the Blue Ridge Mountains. As the saying goes “opposites attract”, and the three come together to form the Maney, Roy and Lauren Morning Show.

PREVIEW: Roy vs. Intern Josh in Sports Trivia

As hard as it is to believe there might be someone who knows less about sports than Roy.  We've decided to turn this into a game. LauRen will act as Roy's sports trivia coach and Maney will be Intern Josh's coach. Today we play some audio of their practices for a little preview of what's…

UPDATE On Maney's Friend's Impossible Situation

Yesterday, Maney shared with us that his friend confided in him with the information that his ex-girlfriend reached out to him to let him know he has a nine-year-old daughter. Sounds exciting right? Well not exactly. Maney's friend is currently already married with two children, and we dug a little deeper to find out even…