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Travis Kelce Reveals Adorable Nickname He Has For Taylor Swift

It's New Heights day, and Travis Kelce revealed the adorable nickname he has for Taylor Swift.  Wednesdays have become one of my favorite days of the week. It's when the brand new episode of New Heights drops. And we know Jason Kelce is always going to try his best to get some tea on Travis and Taylor.  We didn't get much this week, unfortunately, but the little bit we got was adorable.  Taylor finished the South American part of the Eras Tour on Sunday. Right after that, she jumped on her jet and flew overnight right to Kansas City into the hot arms of Travis Kelce. We haven't seen pics of them together yet, but we did see Travis shopping at Trader Joe's for ice cream. Travis did an interview with the Wall Street Journal, and he didn’t disappoint. We learned more about Travis, his love for his mom, Kansas City, and life in general. We also learned more about his relationship with Taylor Swift. He revealed when and how they first met and he feels about all the attention. My first thought was: I wonder if Taylor read the article before it was published? I honestly think it must be nice for her to finally date someone who wants to talk about her. She never had that before. She was with Joe Alwyn for almost 7 years and he never wanted to talk about her. He never walked the red carpet with her. I would assume as a 34-year-old woman, you want to be with someone who is proud to say, “I am with her.” It looks like Travis is that guy. In today's episode, Jason said Taylor liked a post on Instagram after Travis broke the record for 11,000 receiving yards, and Travis looked right at the camera and said, "Thanks Tay, appreciate you."  If you listen to New Heights from the beginning, which I have, he went from calling her Taylor Swift, to Taylor to Tay.  Swoon. https://x.com/swifferupdates/status/1729964699348082746?s=46&t=HriNSeQbPhL7UYMCILna_w [select-listicle listicle_id="666157" syndication_name="taylor-swift-travis-kelce-cute-photos-of-them-together" description="yes"]

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