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2024 NFL Mock Draft: Quarterbacks Have the Power

It's historic just how much buzz quarterbacks are getting in the 2024 NFL Mock Draft predictions. Of course, that will likely spill into the actual draft.  The NFL Draft is finally here, and the first round will kick off Thursday night (April 25) in downtown Detroit. This year, three quarterbacks expected to be the top three selections in the opening round. This year's first round will have 32 picks. 2024 NFL Mock Draft: Quarterbacks Have the Power So, just how rare is this surge of quarterbacks that are hot in the draft? Well, if six quarterbacks are picked in the opening round, it will actually tie the record set in 1983. Back then, the six first-rounders included John Elway, Jim Kelly and Dan Marino, all of whom made it into the Hall of Fame. The others were Ken O’Brien, Todd Blackledge and Tony Eason and Ken O’Brien. Here are my 2024 NFL Mock Draft picks for the first three players. 1. Caleb Williams Former Southern California quarterback Caleb Williams is expected to be called first, going to the Chicago Bears. It's a no-brainer why the Bears want him in the fold. They sent Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers because they knew they wanted to snag Williams. What's more, Williams is ready to start right now as a franchise quarterback. While a lot of the quarterbacks in this year's draft are strong, not all of them are ready to hit the ground running. Williams is ready, and he will. 2. Jayden Daniels The Washington Commanders are largely expected to pick quarterback Jayden Daniels of LSU with their No. 2 pick. Daniels has an incredible combination of running and passing, and that should help him excel in the NFL. He'll be a much-needed addition to the Washington Commanders. There was a little drama recently when Daniels sent out a tiny emoji that seemed to express some frustration he had with the team. But, sources say the Commanders are still 100% in on Daniels being their guy. 3. Drake Maye In my 2024 NFL Mock Draft, I'm guessing the third pick will also go to a quarterback, and that's Drake Maye of North Carolina. There's lots of talk about the New England Patriots possibly trading away their No. 3 overall pick, but ESPN reports that it would take an "unprecedented deal" for the Pats to trade down, and they want to use the pick to add a franchise quarterback. I'm guessing they'll go with Maye, but if Daniels is still available, they may go that route. J.J. McCarthy of Michigan is another option, but many think he'll end up with the Vikings. Reach out to me with your thoughts and listen to my new interview with Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff here and below. [select-listicle listicle_id="719336" syndication_name="7-super-early-super-bowl-contenders-for-next-season" description="no"]

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