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Kim Kardashian Trolls Kendall Jenner Over Her NBA Ex-Boyfriends

Kim Kardashian is having a playful trolling moment with her younger sister, Kendall Jenner. On Monday (June 5), the Kardashians star shared a TikTok featuring her 9-year-old daughter North’s haircare routine. However, Kim, 42, chose to wear the shirt for their video features Kendall's face with her "Starting Five." While Kim and North lip-sync along to a sped-up version of Santana's "Maria Maria," the SKIMS founder rocked an oversized black T-shirt featuring the images of five NBA players that her sister has been linked to over the years. Devin Booker, Blake Griffin, Ben Simmons, Jordan Clarkson and Kyle Kuzma all surround Kendall in the center. Watch the TikTok below: https://www.tiktok.com/@kimandnorth/video/7240983428701719854?lang=en According to Jenner, she only officially dated Blake Griffin and Devin Booker. On Twitter, fans chimed in on the shade being thrown by Kim. One person wrote: "Kendall has to wear a Ray J and Kim shirt now." Another said, "Kendall got a roster roster." A third commented: "pot meet kettle." Another person wrote: "i can’t lie this is unbelievably funny." Other fans inquired about where to buy the shirt, with some posting links on where to buy it. This isn’t the first time Kardashian has worn the cheeky T-shirt. In a trailer for the third season of The Kardashians, eagle-eyed fans caught a quick glimpse of the shirt on Kim (around the 1:38 mark). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYIb5IzvM4k The 27-year-old model has been recently linked to rapper Bad Bunny, with a source close to the pair telling People just last month that they are "getting more serious." The duo has been spotted publicly wearing coordinating outfits. "They are very cute together. Kendall is happy," the source continues. "He is a fun guy. Very much a gentleman and charming. She likes his vibe. He is very chill." [inlink id="bad-bunny-disses-devin-booker" text="RELATED: Bad Bunny Seemingly Disses Kendall Jenner’s Ex Devin Booker"] https://twitter.com/enews/status/1658638470129287169?s=20 The insider also notes that "it was a slow start, but they spend almost every day together now." They added that the two have begun hanging out with each other's friend groups and it is "more of a relationship now. Kendall is not seeing anyone else. She really likes him." [select-listicle listicle_id="400888" syndication_name="kendall-jenner-pick-me-girl" description="yes"]

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