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Lexi’s Listens is a weekly post I’ll do with the songs I’ve been singing to nonstop! My hope is that if you’ve never heard of these, you might discover some new hits to listen to.

Harry’s House, obviously

I haven’t done a Lexi’s Listens post in a while and that’s because I’ve mostly been listening to “Harry’s House”. If I could put Harry’s whole new album on here, our list would be incredibly long. So I decided to just include my absolute favorite from the album…which might surprise you to be Satellite. Something about the space theme and drums in that song light my soul on fire…you know, to put it lightly.

Summer Songs

Other than Harry Styles, I’ve found some great summer songs on TikTok, like Mimosas and Jenni. Mimosas is definitely a poolside song that will make you want to dance. Jenni will also make you want to dance, but it’s a totally different vibe. While Mimosas is about…well, drinking, Jenni is about friendship and the song itself reflects the sweetness and tenderness of a friendship you will always cherish. Check those out at #2 and #3.

The two other summer songs I found were on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. “Settle” features Leon Thomas, who you may or may not know from Nickelodeon’s show Victorious…and if we’re being honest here, his talent should’ve made him the star of the show over Victoria Justice. His other songs like Mrs. Variety I’ve really enjoyed in the past, so I was excited to find another song with him. Settle is a groovy song that came out in May 2021 and has an incredibly vibey beat. “Foreign Things” was released last August and it’s also groovy with great bass. Plus, the music video has the coolest costumes and dance routines. Check these two out at #4 and #5.

Breakup Songs

Two songs I’ve got today are not as recent. “She Don’t” is an Ella Mae hit from 2016, while “Wait” is Chantel Jeffries hit from 2018. Both I’ve been vibing with heavily lately because of their catchy beats. If you’ve never heard “She Don’t”, it’s an empowering breakup song with lyrics that remind me of Beyonce’s Irreplaceable and Ariana Grande’s “thank u next”. “Wait” is also a breakup song, but almost with the opposite message. Check these out at #6 and #7 below.

  • Satellite - Harry Styles


  • Jenni - Shak SYrn

  • Settle - Kosine, Leon Thomas

  • Foreign Things - Amber Mark

  • She Don't - Ella Mae feat. Ty Dolla $ign

  • Wait - Chantel Jeffries feat. Offset and Vory

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