HOUSTON, TEXAS - NOVEMBER 25: Carlos Villagrana cuts slices of brisket during a Thanksgiving meal with the Villagrana-Ocasio, Parish Moreno, and Yagar Dalton families on November 25, 2021 in Houston, Texas. "As happy as I am to have everyone back together, we've experienced so much during the pandemic that in someways it feels that we're almost holding back from truly being able to celebrate. This is our first time having our families come together, and although we're happy and fortunate to be able to share this time, there's this uncertainty in not knowing even what next week will look like. We're happy, but are also very aware of how quickly things can change and are stepping very lightly into the future," said Carlos Villagrana. Families continue to reunite across the country for the holiday season as travel gradually resumes to pre-pandemic levels. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

With inflation and gas prices going up and staying up, it looks like we’re going to keep staying in for meals. A press release from The NDP Group has predicted that we’re going to continue dining at home until 2024.

“More dinner meals at home are here to stay,” the release read. “The shifting population life stages and economic situation will create greater reliance on dinner at home.”

QSR Web says dining at home became the norm during the height of the pandemic, but now it seems it has been normalized and will continue at a high rate through 2024.

The release continued, “Consumers across all ages will look for breaks from routine, like making the same dishes out of habit. Food manufacturers and retailers can help consumers with dinner prep fatigue with convenient new foods and dishes that fit various cooking skill sets and needs. [Food] value will also be top-of-mind with consumers during this time of high inflation.”

Personally, I use a lot of microwaveable meals because cooking for yourself or especially a whole family can be incredibly exhausting. Of course, it makes it easier when you have the time to meal prep on a Sunday night or something for the week. But even this gets exhausting. Anyone else feeling almost burnt out from cooking so much? I think I might try HelloFresh or another meal prep service like that soon.

Have you been eating at home more often? Are you cooking more or buying pre-made food?

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