Have you ever come across Stripper TikTok? I have, and honestly, it makes me want to run away to Vegas to become one too! LOL! I mean, the amount of money you can make in ONE NIGHT is insane. And this woman on TikTok can show you the proof.

Recently, Indy100 reported that a Las Vegas stripper shared a video of what it looked like when Drake, Future, and The Weeknd visited the strip club.

A 24-year-old stripper who goes by the name, “Julia,” shared a video on TikTok that shows a huuuuuge pile of cash covering the floor. Although she posted this more recently, she did confirm that the video was taken after The Weeknd’s birthday party back in February.

In another video, Julia says she was “hand-picked” to go into a private room with the singers. So, not all the strippers at her club were welcomed in. She made $13,000 the night that artists visited the club.


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Julia was also asked about how she reacted when she met these huge stars since obviously, most of us would be totally freaking out! She replied that it’s her job to act professional around big celebrities since of course, she’s trying to make that money. Otherwise, she said, if she fangirled out, she wouldn’t be allowed back into the room and she’d lose her chance at some big paydays. Apparently, though, celebrities visit the strip club where she works in Vegas pretty often.

If you were a stripper who got to meet Drake and The Weeknd, what would your reaction be like?

Source: Indy100

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