I can't even fathom getting paid this hourly. But people did. On August 20th,1996 the minimum hourly wage in the United States was raised to $5.15 an hour. This was big news back then because it was a major increase of 90 cents per hour.

Aspiring musicians, dancers, artists, and other creatives! There is a new social media app called Fanbase, where you can get paid for direct follower interaction.

The app was started by Isaac Hayes III, the son of the late singer-songwriter Isaac Hayes. The AJC says he started Fanbase as a way to help Black creatives get paid for their work. Hayes recognized how Black creators on TikTok and Instagram do not recieve the same financial benefits as white creators. Oftentimes, Black creators aren’t even credited when their art is popularized, and they are not able to benefit from it. A 2021 study found a “vast racial divide in influencer marketing”. Between white creators and Black creators, researchers found a 35% pay difference.

Helping Black creatives get paid for their art became the mission for Hayes. He told AJC, “African American culture is the economic engine of social media. It is what drives innovation, creation, and virality and more often, none of the contributors are getting paid.”

Creatives on Fanbase get paid out monthly. Followers can ‘like’ or ‘love’ a post. ‘Loves’ cost one penny and over time that adds up.

Since its launch, the app has attracted more than 250,000 users and some are making $300 a month. Unlike other apps like TikTok, the app does not have an algorithm to stop you from seeing posts. If you follow someone, you will see their posts.

The look of Fanbase and how it is used is similar to Instagram.

What is your favorite app to use?

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

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