barbecue chicken wings close up on wooden tray shot with selective focus

Buffalo chicken wings are so popular, they have restaurants devoted to them! The website called Eat This, Not That has shared its list of each state’s best chicken wings.

The National Chicken Council has said that Buffalo, New York’s Anchor Bar is credited as the originator of buffalo chicken wings and the site recommends taking a trip there to eat a piece of history.

But what about the best wings in the Carolinas? I was shocked to see the website claim the chain Buffalo Brothers as the provider of the best wings in North Carolina. I mean, they aren’t wrong. Buffalo Brothers does make my favorite Buffalo sauce of all time. But, I was almost sure there would be a non-chain restaurant to make the best wings in NC.

As for South Carolina, the website says TNT Hot Wings in Spartanburg serves the best wings of the state. Eat This, Not That says the chef behind the wings is Terrence Tyson. He makes his wings using the flavors and spices of the Virgin Islands, which is where he grew up.

As for some other states, in South Dakota’s oldest brewery, you can check out something they call “Hyperventilation Wings”. They sound like they would go great with a cold one. In Louisiana, head over to New Orleans’ joint Bayou Hot Wings and experience the wings seasoned with a house-made creole seasoning blend!

Check out the whole list of each state’s best chicken wings over at!

Who makes the best chicken wings you’ve ever eaten? Would you go out of state just to eat different foods?

Source: Eat This, Not That

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