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I’m Personally Offended By North Carolina’s Favorite Pancake Topping

North Carolina's favorite pancake topping? If we are talking basic it HAS to be syrup right? Like if we are getting fancier I'd wager chocolate chips. But oh no, that's not what the data says. According to a study shared with us by our friends at Their research was conducted in honor of National Pancake Week (which we are currently celebrating). Because whether you love plain, drenched in butter, or topped with fruit or chocolate chips you have to love Pancakes. I don't make the rules, I just inform you of them. Online Casinos conducted a nationwide survey of over 1,500 Americans to find out what each state’s favorite pancake toppings are! And I have to say that when I first read over the data I was SHOCKED. The easy answer here is syrup. But North Carolina's favorite pancake topping? It was found to be butter. And I was tempted to crucify anyone who was putting butter but not syrup on their breakfast. BUT, syrup was excluded from this survey, since it is in fact the obvious choice. Even still? You have a plethora of options for toppings and you're choosing butter? Even if you're using the butter with syrup you can do better NC. You can do better. But butter was actually the most common choice nationwide. It topped the list in 27 states. Other popular choices included "fruit", "strawberries", "chocolate chips", "whipped cream", "peanut butter", "nuts", and more. All those interesting toppings and we go butter? Tell me you're boring without telling me you're boring. Popcorn toppings? Butter all the way. Pancakes? I just feel like we can do better. But thanks for coming to my TED talk. Happy National Pancake Week. Thanks to our friends at for sharing their research. Read the full study here. [select-listicle listicle_id="480563" syndication_name="youve-got-to-try-north-carolinas-best-pancakes" description="yes"]

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