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Car Prices Are Finally Dropping – Here’s the New Average

Car and truck prices are finally coming down in the United States. It's about time. I was so lucky, in that I purchased my current vehicle in December 2019, right before the pandemic and chip shortage drove prices way up. Well, now, after years in increasing car prices, things are finally starting to tumble. Perhaps tumble is too strong a word, but car prices are finally dropping. Here's the new average. Vehicle prices have been increasing for about three years. So, why are prices finally going down? According to, "The recent price slowdown is due to a vastly expanded number of vehicles on dealer lots after years of severe shortages. With more cars and trucks available, the pressures that had sent prices surging have eased." They also report that at the end of January this year, Cox Automotive numbers show that American car dealers had much more inventory than they did a year prior. In January 2024, their inventory stood at 2.61 million new cars, trucks and SUVs, while in 2023, that number was 1.74 million. Car prices: Here's the average price of a new and used car in 2024 reports that the average price for a new vehicle in the United States (what was actually paid, not the sticker price) went down 1.2% in January from the same time last year. By the end of January, it was $47,338. That still seems really high to me, but the peak was $48,516 set in December 2022, so the price is adjusting. What's more, car experts and analysts believe prices will keep falling this year, as stock raises. Now, let's get into used vehicle. According to, the average price of a used vehicle is currently $27,297, which is 3% lower than it was in 2023 at this time. Also, it's way lower than the peak of $31,095 in April 2022. So, if you've been waiting for that new or used vehicle, you may have hit the right time. [select-listicle listicle_id="719684" syndication_name="7-easy-ways-to-make-extra-money" description="no"]

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