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Human Interest

97-Year-Old Man Becomes Oldest Nobel Prize Winner

STD Cases Are On The Rise Across The United States

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California Bans Tiny Plastic Bottles in Hotels

Oktoberfest Attendees Lose Their Driving Licenses for ‘Drunk-Scooting’

Atlanta Restaurant Slutty Vegan Partners With Rap Snacks To Create All-Vegan Potato Chips

Uber Introduces New Feature That Allows Pets

The Lisa Frank Hotel Room is Now a Thing

Puppy Accidentally Shoots Woman In Her Leg

The Goodyear Blimp is Available to Rent on Airbnb

St. Louis Bar Charges Patrons By The Hour, Not Per Drink

Homeowner Found a Naked Man Singing In Kitchen and Drinking Milk

Man Has Tweezers Removed From Urethra After Being Stuck for Four Years

Mumps Cases are being Diagnosed at Various North Carolina Universities

Man Gets Struck By Lighting Walking Dogs, Gets Caught On Video

Fortnite Lawsuit: Parents Say Game Is ‘As Addictive As Cocaine’

Four Dead In Kansas City Bar Shooting

Couple Under Fire For ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Themed Wedding Pictures

Man Wins $750,000 Suing Ex-Wife’s Lover

Cinnamon Cookie Lattes Are Coming to McDonald’s

UNO Has Created Braille Playing Cards

A New Study Finds Onions and Garlic May Reduce One’s Risk for Breast Cancer

First Cannabis Cafe in the U.S. Opens

A Purple Heart Veteran Dies After Saving His Granddaughter