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Cool story out of Austin, Texas! Roosevelt Nivens is the beloved former basketball coach for Austin High School. During his 19 years working there, he became so admired that he now has several scholarships named after him. On top of that, years after leaving the school, he marries in the gym named after him.

Nivens lost his wife in 2015. Since then, he told KWAN, “I was just a lonely, lonely man and I was going to church every day, and I saw this lady and she just thrilled my heart when I saw her.”

The lady, Oleander Thomas, said she got a phone call from Nivens one day. She told KWAN that on the call, Nivens told her, “‘Well, I am a substitute teacher at Austin High, and I would like to take you out on a date.'” So they did. And, after dating for some time, Nivens said, “I thought to myself I need this lady to be by my side” (KWAN).

Their wedding took place inside the same gymnasium where Nivens had spent so much time. The same gym whose name came from him.

Of course, the school’s former students, teachers, and coaches all joined the families at the celebration.

Ever been to a former teacher or coach’s wedding?

Source: KWAN

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