(Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

A COVID-19 vaccination center in Bucharest, Romania is sporting a Christmas tree built completely by the staff out of empty vaccine vials. Local 12 says it stands at almost 10 feet tall made out of 19,000 empty vials. Some of the vials at the top even feature a LED light inside.

The idea to build the Christmas tree came when the vaccination center first opened in March. Since then, over 200,000 people have been vaccinated at the center, which is one of the largest in Romania.

They began building the tree in early November, after working hours, sometimes staying up til 2am to work on it, according to Local 12.

Local 12 says the Coordinator of the vaccination center Dr. Radu Cristian told the Associated Press, “The tree we have here is made predominantly out of Pfizer containers that we’ve been collecting since March 1, 2021 from the people who got a vaccine in our center. Approximately 19,000 containers were used to make it. The lower level is made with Moderna containers and the presents are made with Johnson and Johnson vaccines…”

He says they built it as a Thank You to those who chose to get vaccinated at their center.

Source: Local 12

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