Just in time for National Brownie Day, the world’s biggest cannabis brownie has arrived weighing in at 850 pounds and standing at 15 inches tall. USA Today says it’s all thanks to MariMed, “a premier seed-to-consumer vertically integrated multi-state operator.”

The company produced the large 3-foot wide pot brownie ahead of National Brownie Day. The 850-pound pot brownie will help launch the company’s new brand, Bubby’s Baked.

The Guinness World Record book previously listed a 243-pound brownie as the largest marijuana brownie. Now, it’s clear MariMed shattered that record. USA Today says they used:

  • 1,344 eggs
  • 250 lbs of sugar
  • 212 lbs of butter
  • 5.3 lbs of vanilla extract
  • 81 lbs of flour
  • 2 lbs of baking powder
  • 3 lbs of salt
  • 122 pounds of cocoa powder

According to MariMed’s press release, the brownie was made with 20,000 mg. of THC and the normal ingredients, flour, eggs, butter, and sugar.

Bubby’s Baked is selling their mass-produced smaller versions of their pot brownie in Massachusetts. There are also plans to distribute them to dispensaries in Maryland and Delaware in 2022.

Source: USA Today

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