This is not a drill!!! A cafe filled with everything Oreo just opened at the American Dream mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey!

The cafe is 3,500 square feet of merchandise and of course, it has a dessert bar. It’s specially designed for kids and of course kids-at-heart!

Which of these dessert items sound the best to you?

  • Waffle Sundae with chunks of Oreos in the waffle
  • Oreo ice cream sandwich
  • Cheesecake layered with Oreo mousse and topped with chocolate roses
  • Oreo Donut S’morewich (which is on their secret menu!)

Even if these don’t tickle your fancy, you have the option to essentially build your own Oreo dessert. Visitors can choose to customize their order of desserts from over 200 combinations.

They also sell tons of merchandise from shoes to t-shirts to Oreo scented candles! See their whole collection on their website.

What is your favorite flavor of Oreos? How do you eat each cookie? Do you twist and lick the icing then eat the cookie or just bite the cookie?

Source: Delish

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