(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

A waitress in Greensboro, North Carolina received a $1,000 tip from a country music star who stopped in to pick up his food.

The waitress named Shirell ‘Honey’ Lackey works at a Waffle House and is choosing to keep the male country star identity a secret.

While she was working a double shift, the country star took notice of Shirell going back and forth tending to her child while working. The mystery star also gifted her two concert tickets to his show, baby clothes, and toys for her daughter that he mailed to her home.

Lackey told Fox 8 News: “He was like, ‘I have to respect a mother that would do whatever it takes to support their child in a society where people don’t even want to work anymore.‘”

Which country star do you think it was? Someone fairly local? Maybe Scotty McCreery? Or Luke Combs?

Source: Business Insider

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