Poor lady. This is a really strange story but if you love baseball, you might already know about it. On August 17th, 1957 baseball player Richie Ashburn fouls and then hit a fan by the name of Alice Roth twice in the same game! He hit her once while at bat playing for the Philadelphia Phillies and then once while she was on the stretcher. The 1st hit broke her nose and the 2nd one...well just hit her. That's some terrible luck.

At a recent Cinncinati Reds game against the San Diego Padres, a dad caught a foul ball with only one hand!! But it gets more impressive when you know he was also a little preoccupied…feeding his baby son!!

WCNC reports that at the top of the fifth inning, Padres catcher Luis Campusano popped up a foul off a pitch by Jeff Hoffman. Sitting behind the visitor’s dugout with his wife and baby son, Jacob Kingsley caught the foul off a bounce with his right hand. His left hand stayed feeding his baby son named Shepherd, who is only 11 months old.

The crowd immediately erupted into cheers and excited screams, seeing the most epic dad move I’ve ever heard of.

Kingsley told Bally Sports, “Safety first, obviously. I saw the ball pop up. Had some fierce competition. Wanted to protect him, baby first. It’s his first Reds game, we have the certificate. This will be a great memory for him.”

His wife said “it was like the coolest thing ever.”

Even though the Padres went on to win 9-6, the Reds posted the amazing catch on their Twitter page. Commenters on Twitter said, “sign him” and “best highlight of the season”.

Have you ever caught a foul ball at a baseball game?

Source: WCNC

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