Cold Bar Salsa and Drinks!

Cool news in tech and food today! Researchers at the University of California-David have developed a new type of ice cube that could be revolutionary. According to CBS News, they have designed a reusable ice cube that does not melt. Actually, it stays cold for as long as regular ice cubes do, because they are mostly water.

These “jelly ice cubes” are plastic-free, contain over 90% water, and have a gelatin-like feel to them. The reusable ice cube holds can be used for cooling for 13 hours before being washed and reused. Each jelly ice cube can be reused more than 12 times.

This could absolutely change the way food is stored and shipped. Specifically, shipping and storing seafood will be largely impacted since a large portion of all seafood goes bad before people are able to buy or eat it.

Plus, once you are done using the ice cube, it will degrade into compost! Without any plastic, the ice cube depends on proteins to hold it together. Researchers say after you have used an ice cube, you can actually throw it in your garden and it will promote plant health through these proteins.

This makes this new ice cube technology sustainable as well. Regular ice packs are not at all biodegradable, and CBS News says they clog landfills. In addition, widespread use of these ice cubes could actually help conserve water and energy.

Do you think reusable ice can change the world? Would you use reusable ice?

Source: CBS News

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