Thanks to streaming services, Christmas movies are always ready to watch. Pick whatever is your favorite (I'd choose "Home Alone" for sure or "Elf") and cuddle up by the air conditioner to watch some Christmas movies.

Kevin McCallister lived every kid’s dream in Home Alone. He got to jump on the beds, order a pizza that he actually liked, and lounge around in a nice bathrobe. Elite Daily says you can now experience the full package Home Alone staycation at the Deer Path Inn in Lake Forest Near Chicago.

The Home Alone experience at the Deer Path Inn starts with check-in, where you’ll get two comfy bathrobes. It’s even more exciting that you’re actually able to take them home afterward.

Then, the suite itself has a tv set up above a nice fireplace. There, you can watch a viewing of Home Alone with room service making and bringing you your own homemade pizza.

Then, dessert. 🙂 The room stay also comes with a box of gourmet candy from a local place called Sweets of Lake Forest. Room service can also bring you treats like boozy milkshakes or popcorn.

On top of that, your stay includes gift cards to local boutiques plus a round trip ride to visit the holiday lights event at Chicago Botanic Garden.

The offer allows stays between November 26th, 2021 and January 2nd, 2022. Prices start at $800.

To see pictures of the room and get more information on booking, click here.

Source: Elite Daily

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