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3 Traditions Lost Since Our Grandparents’ Time

With the Easter holiday approaching, I'm reminded more and more of my grandmother and what Easter dinner would have been like if she were still with us. According to MSN, here are 3 traditions that I feel have been lost since our grandparents' generation. Writing Letters Since the boom in technology there is little to no reason to hand write a letter, however there is something so personal about writing a letter to someone. In the past writing letter was the only form of communication with friends and family who lived at a distance. Now there are so many ways to communicate on multiple types of devices that many of us can't keep count. Unfortunately, because of the technology we feel less connected than ever before. This is just one of the traditions lost since our grandparents' time. Sunday Dinners This one was huge in my family! Sunday dinners was an opportunity for the family to get together over great food and share memories, laughs and even pain, no one should ever go through life's difficulty alone, and Sunday dinner provides that safe space to not only enjoy food but connect to people you love the most and share what is in your heart. My grandparents loved Sunday dinners so much they would call us every week to remind us, what a sweet memory! Formal Tea Parties Firstly, who doesn't love tea? I absolutely love to drink hot tea after a long day to help me relax. Formal tea parties included fine chinaware, beautiful cut flowers, and gorgeous table decor. Usually, the host will send invitations out to their friend circle to sit around to chat about family, dreams, gossip and trading recipes. These special gatherings happen less often now are replaced with more casual dining, FaceTime and group chats. For the full list of traditions, we no longer take part in click here

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