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Travel Daily News says a new study by Premier Inn researched over 350 global cities to find out which city is the best to visit during Autumn. This was done by counting the number of hashtags used on Instagram and comparing them to other cities across the world.

New York City comes in as the world’s most Instagrammed city in the fall with over 151,000 hashtags used.

After #1 NYC

2. Chicago, Illinois

3. Seattle, Washington

4. Boston, Massachusetts

5. Miami, Florida

6. San Diego, California

7. Portland, Oregon

8. Washington D.C.

9. Atlanta, Georgia

10. Houston, Texas

11. Denver, Colorado

12. Austin, Texas

13. Los Angeles, California

14. Nashville, Tennessee

15. Boise, Idaho

16. Phoenix, Arizona

17. Dallas, Texas

18. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

19. Charleston, South Carolina

As far as the best cities to visit in the world in Autumn, NYC is followed by:

2. London, United Kingdom

3. Paris, France

4. Chicago, Illinois

5. Moscow, Russia

6. Seoul, South Korea

7. Seattle, Washington

8. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

9. Rome, Italy

10. Berlin, Germany

11. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

12. Milan, Italy

13. Kyoto, Japan

14. Boston, Massachusetts

15. Miami, Florida

16. Vienna, Austria

17. Prague, Czech Republic

18. Amsterdam, Netherlands

What is your favorite city to visit in Autumn? Which one of these cities would you absolutely love to visit during the fall?

Source: Travel Daily News

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