Thrillist says people are paying close to $1,000 on eBay for these new limited-edition Oreo cookies. Each one has a different Pokémon featured on it, and people are trying to collect ’em all.

Oreo announced their collaboration with Pokémon on this new product earlier this month.

Just like regular Pokémon, some Oreos are rarer than others. Pikachu is one example of a more common Pokémon Oreo, while cookies featuring Mew are much harder to come by. Soon after they were released to the public on September 8th, a market for rarer cookies began on eBay.

Even though a pack of these cookies costs around $3 in the stores, people are buying individuals of the rarer cookies for hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars.

Overall, there are 16 characters featured on the cookies that buyers are able to collect.

See some of the designs posted by the official Oreo Instagram account:

Who is your favorite Pokémon character? Would you pay extra to collect them all?

Source: Thrillist

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