Though not as mind-blowing as her VMA look, Megan Fox is still dropping jaws at the Met Gala and has one strong message: "A woman who is intelligent and knows how to weaponize her own beauty, there’s nothing more dangerous than that.”

Megan Fox attended the MTV VMAs for the first time and her see-through outfit was, of course, absolutely stunning. And in her most recent Instagram post, she addressed possible criticism of her more revealing wardrobe choices, saying there is absolutely a reason behind them.

The Jennifer’s Body actress shared two of her most recent looks and captioned the post with: “Just me out here ignoring and defying all of your puritanical emotionally repressed projections of what a woman should be.”

As Fox points out, there always has been a stigma against clothes that show more of women’s bodies. She also references the “projections” that society creates and forces upon women to conform to. In actuality, womanhood and femininity should be expressed the way each individual wants them to be, without fear of judgment or backlash.

What is your favorite look from Megan Fox?

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