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All 12 Of Taylor Swift’s Chiefs Gameday Outfits Ranked

Each of Taylor Swift's gameday outfits ranked. Never have I been more qualified to discuss a topic than I am on this one. I am a die hard Taylor Swift fan and have been for the last 17 years. I've seen it all and I'm very proud of that fact. I'm also undefeated when it comes to Taylor Swift trivia and am pretty proud of that as well. One of the other things I love most in life is football. I'm a huge college football fan and have had season tickets to NC State games for close to half of my life. But I'm no stranger to the NFL either- I watch any and every game that is on each week no matter who is playing. But back to those college games I attend- one thing I always give extensive thought to is my gameday outfits. Exhibit A below: Now I'll be the first to admit there is a different "dress code" between college football in the South and NFL games. The former is significantly more formal. I'm absolutely one to wear a dress (or romper or skirt) to every game that the weather will allow. NFL is much more casual and there is a greater emphasis on team logos as opposed to team colors in college. That was a tough transition back into Panthers games after college for sure! But even still my love of Taylor, football, and gameday fashion (with an emphasis on the color red) make me a certified expert on this topic- ranking Taylor Swift's gameday outfits. This is all in good fun and is obviously just my personal opinion. But below you will find a ranking 1-12 of each of the outfits Taylor has worn to Kansas City Chief's games this year supporting her beau Travis Kelce. I for one cannot wait to see what she chooses to wear to the Super Bowl! I'm honestly not sure if I'm more excited for that outfit or her dress of choice for the Grammy's this weekend. Those two events combined with the start of the 2024 Eras Tour in Japan next week it truly is a great time to be a Swiftie! Before we delve into the outfits if you need a refresher on the timeline of this relationship this TikTok video is a great recap:

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