Passengers board an American Airlines flight to Charlotte, North Carolina at San Diego International Airport on May 20, 2020 in San Diego, California. Air travel is down as estimated 94 percent due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, causing U.S. airlines to take a major financial hit with losses of $350 million to $400 million a day as nearly half of major carriers' planes sit idle. (Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images)

TikTok user Tommy Cimato, who is a flight attendant, spoke to his over 160,000 followers about things you should consider while on an airplane.

“Do not fall asleep or lean your head on the window,” he said. “You are not the only one that has done that and you don’t know how many people or children have wiped their hands or other things all over the window.”

In the same lane, Cimato warns against wearing shorts on a flight as well. “It’s the same thing as the window! You never know how clean it’s gonna be, so if you have pants, you’re gonna have less germs.”

Cimato says you should flush the toilet with a napkin instead of your bare hands and encourages travelers to drink at least 16 ounces of water during a flight.

Another TikTok user @katkamalani who is a former flight attendant also shares her hacks for making flying easier.

Do you have flight tips you wanna share? Do you agree with these TikTok users’ advice?


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