BARCELONA, SPAIN - MARCH 23: A man walks past closed shops on March 23, 2020 in Barcelona, Spain. The Spanish government will mobilize 200 billion euros of crisis measures to help companies and workers. Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Sunday 22 that his government will ask parliament to extend for another 15 days until April 11 the state of emergency. As part of the measures against the virus expansion the Government has declared a 15-day state of emergency. The Government of Spain has strengthened up its quarantine rules, shutting all commercial activities except for pharmacies, food shops, gas stations, tobacco stores and news kiosks in a bid to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, as well as transport. Spaniards must stay home except to go to work but working from home is recommended, going to buy basic things as food or pharmacy products is allowed but it must be done individually. The number of people confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Spain has increased to at least 29,909, with the latest death toll reaching 1,813 according to the country’s Health Ministry. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

A TikTok user named Javier is getting a lot of attention after he posted an interesting series of videos. Some of them even went viral due to his claims that he lives in the year 2027 and is the only survivor.

Javier has posted several videos of him alone in the world, or so he claims. He’s been to shopping malls, airports, hospitals, and metro stations only to find there is no one there.


Acabo de despertar en un hospital y no sé qué ha podido pasar. Hoy es 13 de febrero de 2027 y estoy solo en la ciudad.

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Some people believe Javier recorded all the videos while Spain was on lockdown. However, he routinely uploads videos at people’s request for him to go to places to check for life, but he has yet to find any.

He was recently asked to go to the Madrid International Airport, but upon arrival, there is obviously no one on-site. So, many people are wondering how did he travel from Valencia to Madrid during the lockdown to record the video? And how did he get there if he was alone? Interesting to think about, right?

Do you believe Javier is the “only survivor”? Do you believe his claims?

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