Australian teenager Rylee Stuart bought a normal pack of Doritos one day. But, that Doritos bag has brought her lots of good fortune so far…more than $20,000 worth!

In the bag, she found a rare puffy chip that is inflated on all three sides of the Dorito. Rylee posted the chip on TikTok and asked her followers if maybe she should post the chip on eBay to see how much it might be worth.

Turns out…TikTok lost their mind over this chip! The post quickly went viral and it now has over 4.6 million views and over 620,000 likes!

Rylee decided to take her followers’ advice and post it on eBay to see what would happen…And people on eBay seemed as intrigued as everyone on TikTok.

How Much Did It Go For?

Rylee originally set the price at AUD .99. But, over the week bidding period, the chip gathered more than USD 73,720 or $99,999 AUD. Can you believe that!!! That much money for a CHIP!

Since then, though, Rylee provided TikTok with an update. She said her story was featured on The Today Show as well as an Australian radio station called Hot Tomato.

eBay did end up taking down her original post of the chip because it’s considered a food item. which are not allowed to be sold through eBay.

Rylee also said they plan on putting the chip in some resin and creating a souvenir out of it that would allow her to sell it.

Although she says that may have been some money lost, she says Doritos Australia messaged her and gifted her and her family $20,000 because of all this craziness.

What would you do if you found an interesting unique chip out of a bag? Would you eat it or try to sell it? Why do you think people are willing to pay that much for a chip?

Source: Newsweek

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