Selena Gomez has always been one of my absolute IDOLS! And when she got her heart broken by Justin Bieber, I was so ready to fight for her, LOL!

I’ve always loved how Selena put so much true feeling and passion into her music. So many of her songs have to do with growing up and learning to love yourself. And I LOVE her so much for that!

Today is Selena’s 29th birthday, so not only am I sending all my good vibes and birthday wishes her way, but I also wanted to binge-listen to all my favorite songs by her. And I decided to rank them.

Let’s see if my list of Selena’s best songs line up with your top 5…

5. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (2008)

This song is such a classic throwback from “Another Cinderella Story” and I totally grew up wanting to date Drew Seeley just like Selena did in the movie. I love this song because it’s one of Selena’s earlier songs and in the movie, Selena shows off her actual dance moves, which are – yes- incredible.

4. Love You Like A Love Song (2011)

Who remembers listening to this and thinking about your crush? Because that’s definitely what I did. There is no other song like “Love You Like a Love Song” and there is definitely no other Selena look like the big-haired look she sports in this video. Truly iconic.

3. Who Says (2011)

“Who Says” is one of Selena’s first songs that has to do with loving yourself and growing self-confidence. I genuinely can’t wait until I have a kid one day and I make them learn all the words to this song and we can belt it out together. I love this song because it’s one of the first songs I think of when I think of Selena. An absolute bop too, I might add!

2. The Heart Wants What It Wants (2014)

This music video is probably my favorite that Selena has ever done because it’s so real and raw. With the audio bit at the beginning with her talking, you can tell it wasn’t scripted or faked. It was her real thoughts and feelings and I love how powerful that is. This song details her experience with Justin Bieber and how they were on-again, off-again for a really long time. And yes, this is the song that makes me want to fight him for her, LOL!

  1. Look At Her Now (2019)

And finally, my favorite song by Selena is the complete opposite of “The Heart Wants What It Wants”. “Look At Her Now” is such an empowering song and I love it the most because in it, she recognizes how hurt she was by Justin, but then it shows how she has grown and come out the other side as a stronger and fiercer woman. Thus, “look at her now”. Plus, the design, outfits, choreography, and videography of this video is unmatched IMO.

How does your list of Top 5 Selena Gomez songs compare to mine? I really wanna know, because really there are no wrong answers when it comes to Selena. Send me your list via email at!

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