Before flying, you may think it’s better if you skip liquids to avoid going to the bathroom or maybe skip eating until you get to your destination. But, according to HuffPost, this is actually not a good idea! Here are some of the best eating and drinking tips from flight attendants.

First, eat something light to start your day. Some good choices are a healthy granola bar or a serving of fruit. One flight attendant prefers blackberries, blueberries, and grapes since they travel well and provide fiber. Another fiber-filled snack is hummus and carrots.

They say to stay away from high sodium foods since this will cause bloating and dehydration.

You also don’t want to overload your digestive system so for your next meal (which should be bigger), so keep it balanced. Make sure to include some protein, healthy fats, and fiber.

You should drink tons of water since being high in the sky dehydrates you a ton. Also, stay away from soda. There’s nothing worse than a headache midflight, ugh! To avoid, you definitely want to stay hydrated.

What do you eat on travel days? Do you usually eat like these flight attendants? Or do you try to avoid eating and drinking until you get to your destination?

Source: HuffPost

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5 Signs You Might Be A Bad Kisser, Even If You Think You Aren't

  • If You Are Not Communicating With Your Partner, You Might Be A Bad Kisser

    We’ll start off with an important point about any kind of intimacy. Communication is EVERYTHING!! Not only does communicating with your partner create a safer space for both of you, but it also brings you closer together (which makes the kissing better!). The best thing you can do before kissing or being intimate with anyone is asking them their expectations, their boundaries, and anything else they might not have told you had you not asked. It’s always good to open up a space so they feel good communicating with you. It’s most respectful to NEVER just assume you know what they want unless they have specifically told you. Also, if you know what they want, you’ll be much more confident in what you’re doing, which can really sweep them off their feet.

  • If You Don't Pay Attention To How Your Partner Wants To Be Kissed

    As with any kind of intimacy, when kissing someone, you need to be attentive to your partner. You should not only be attentive to their body language, but also their energy. Keep track of their movement when kissing you: is it slower? Or more passionate? Also, pay attention to their style. Everyone kisses differently obviously, so if you don’t know how to pick up on someone’s kissing style, simply just ask how they like to be kissed. The biggest misconception around consent and communication during intimacy is that it takes away the “magic” or spark in the moment. But actually, simply asking and opening up a dialogue with someone creates more trust and allows the other person a space to express their wants and needs with you, thus creating safer, more passionate intimacy. Win win!!!!! Otherwise, if you’re just doing whatever you want, your partner could feel like you are steamrolling what they want and that is not respectful.

  • If You Get Too Intense Too Quickly

    God, one of the worst things is kissing a new person for the first time and they are just TOO enthusiastic about kissing you. I’ve even had someone hit my teeth before because their energy was just wayyyyy too much coming out of the gate. Obviously, this is not what you want. Of course kissing is fun and exciting with someone you like, so it’s great to be excited! But, it’s a big turnoff if you come in too hot too fast. For a lot of people, starting off slow and taking time to read your partner and how they kiss is much more enjoyable for the both of you. Plus, this allows time for both of you to build up anticipation and passion together, so you’re both on the same page.

  • If You Have Bad Breath (Without Realizing It)

    Oof. This one is obvious, but also sometimes we don’t know we have bad breath, so it might be time for a reminder. Even if you’re in a committed relationship, it’s always thoughtful (and respectful) to double make sure your breath doesn’t stink before kissing someone. Unless you do have a pretty open and honest relationship with your kissing partner, your bad breath might be something your partner doesn’t know how to tell you. So, I’ll do it for them! Not only should you be keeping up on your oral hygiene, but also taking care of your lips. Because kissing bad breath is pretty bad, but kissing hardened chapped lips is a close second.

  • If You're Tilting Your Head The Opposite Way Than Your Partner

    Insider says studies show most people naturally tend to tilt to the right when kissing someone. If you’re left-handed, you might feel more inclined to tilt left. But, if your partner tilts right and you tilt left, it could make things awkward and weird. So, going back to reading your partner, a lot of kissing really is vibing with someone’s energy. When in doubt, take the backseat and let them lead.