Lexi’s Listens is a new weekly post I’ll do with the songs I’ve been singing to nonstop! My hope is that if you’ve never heard of these, you might discover some new hits to listen to.

Okay, I’m gonna be honest…this week, I have been listening to a lot of throwbacks, including Disney music. So, if Disney soundtracks aren’t your favorite, you might not like all of this week’s list. Butttttt, if you are also a Disney fan like me, join me for some nostalgia 🙂


I was never a crazy big fan of Frozen since Let It Go got reallllly old for me. But when Frozen 2 came out, I absolutely loved Show Yourself and Into The Unknown (which also then got kinda old as Disney songs do LOL). Show Yourself is a different kind of Disney song that I do actually resonate with. It’s not about romance or big dreams, it’s one of the only songs that encourages not only self-confidence but also that you are all you’ll ever need. :’)

Throwbacks on Throwbacks on Throwbacks

I’ve also been listening to much more throwback music this week than newer music. Feeling nostaligc, you know? :’) So today I’ve got a couple great classics that you probably already know. First, Maroon 5 and Future’s song Cold which came out not too too long ago. I heard it once recently and couldn’t stop listening because I did forget how catchy it is.

Then, I’ve got Sara Bareilles’s “Love Song” and Kesha’s “Your Love Is My Drug”. These two would be awesome to listen to with the windows down today since it’s like 80 degrees. Also on the list is one of my favorite songs of all time: Bryce Vine’s “Sunflower Seeds”. This one never fails to remind me of summer and sunshine, so that one you should absolutely BLAST in your car. 🙂

Have You Seen This Doja Cat Video?

Lastly, I do have something new for you, but it’s not exactly a song. Last night, I was bored and scrolling through YouTube when a video came up in my recommended. It’s a video from 2 years ago where Doja Cat meets with a British classical music expert named Kyle. It is a bit cringey in the beginning, since this middle-aged British man is trying to understand Doja Cat’s love of butts from her song “Juicy”. LOL! But I really loved it mostly for Doja’s insight into her own music and lyrics. Check it out at #6 for this week’s Lexi’s Listens!

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  • Show Yourself - Idina Menzel, Evan Rachel Wood

  • Cold - Maroon 5 ft. Future

  • Love Song - Sara Bareilles

  • Your Love Is My Drug - Kesha

  • Sunflower Seeds - Bryce Vine

  • Doja Cat Explains "Juicy" To A Classical Music Expert

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