The infamous house used in the 1984 classic horror film “Nightmare On Elm Street” was on the market for almost three months. It was listed a week before Halloween and now, NPR says it just sold for $2,980,000!

Initially asking $3.5 Million, the home located in Los Angeles sits just off Sunset Boulevard. It stands just blocks from the legendary Chateau Marmont Hotel. The listing on says it’s “a beautiful Dutch Colonial with a modern twist.” It features 3 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, an inground pool, and a guest house.

The home’s neighborhood called Spaulding Square is a big favorite for filmmakers who are looking for a small-town USA vibe. From The Los Angeles Times, as reported by NPR, one reason is that there are not as many palm trees in the area, like there are everywhere else in L.A. It gives a more quaint feeling.

Funny enough, comedian Bo Burnham filmed his hit 2021 comedy special Bo Burnham: Inside. Yup, same house as The Nightmare on Elm Street.

Sadly, the purchase of the home did not include the infamous bed from the iconic Wes Craven movie.

Would you be able to live in a “horror house?” How about a house that you knew someone died in?

Source: NPR

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