Fellow horror fans, you should be getting excited about this one. The Wrap says Netflix has produced a new original series called Archive 81. Previously, the streaming company has seemed to be hit or miss with horror films and series. A personal favorite of mine is the movie series based on R. L. Stine’s Fear Street that came out last year directed by Leigh Janiak.

Now, the new horror series is about a man named Dan who’s hired to restore videotapes that were damaged by a fire 25 years ago. While he is in the middle of the job, he realizes that these videotapes contain evidence of a 1994 murder.

The woman who recorded the tapes named Melody wanted to document the story of an old apartment building. As she’s interviewing residents, she uncovers a dark truth behind the building, a truth that is then exposed to Dan as he watches the tapes.

From the trailer, you can tell Dan becomes haunted by the videos, as the story Melody captured back in 1994 may now threaten Dan’s own life.

The series jumps back and forth from 2 different timelines to tell the whole story. And you know what that means? Plot twists. The executive producer and writer of the series Rebecca Sonnenshine calls it a “unique, visually-textured story” since the 90’s style tapes play a big part in the storytelling.

Netflix will premiere the series on Friday, January 14th. It stars Rebecca Thomas, Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead, and Haifaa Al Mansour.

Watch the Archive 81 trailer here:

Source: The Wrap

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