Someone find a Hollywood rom-com screenwriter because this story could be a movie! Matthew Newman met and fell in love with his now-wife after messaging her number, thinking it was someone else.

After changing her number, Jade Scott, 32, received several Snapchat messages one day from a random number. One said “Hiya” and another one came in that said, “Hiya, how are you?” She realized the person was sending her messages through her old number. She explained the wrong number situation and began chatting with the person, 34-year-old Matthew Newman.

We all have that friend that can find virtually anything on the internet if they tried hard enough. And Jade had that friend. The Daily Mirror says her friend did some digging into who this man was and found Matthew Newman on social media.

They got along so well over messaging that they decided to meet for coffee. And that coffee date turned out to be the very beginning of their happy ever after. They struck up a friendship and before long, they began dating. And not too long after that, they fell in love. Matthew proposed and Jade said yes!

Although the couple initially wanted to marry in 2022, they grew so much closer during the pandemic and decided to move up the date to late August 2021. The two are now married and live together with Jade’s 11-year-old daughter Elise.

Jade told The Daily Mirror about their wedding that “It was an amazing day, we are both so grateful. It just goes to show one decision has had such an important impact on our lives.”

Source: The Daily Mirror

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