Not sure WHAT this lady was thinking when she called in TWO bomb threats to her boyfriend’s workplace. The only reason? She wanted him to be able to come home and spend more time with her…

Last Thursday around 9am, Pittsfield police received a phone call from a woman who threatened to place a bomb at a plant for Puritan Medical Products. Around 11am, police received a second phone call from the same woman. The Press Herald says this time, she threatened to place four pipe bombs near the same plant.

As police investigated the two bomb threat calls, they traced the calls back to Etna, Maine where 33-year-old Kayla Blake lived. Police then interviewed neighbors in the area, which led them to Kayla. When interviewing her, she confessed that she had made the calls and there were actually no bombs at all.

She told police that she called and made the threats so that her boyfriend could leave work and spend more time with her.

Police charged her with a felony count of terrorizing and took her to jail with a bail of $1,500.

The bomb threats disrupted 400 people at the Puritan Medical Products plant, and the company lost a full production day because of it.

Source: The Press Herald

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