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This whole past year and a half has made me want to pack up all my stuff and just leave to start a new life….anyone else? Now, you can AND this one region in Italy will pay you $33,000 to do it. And no, you’re not dreaming, this is a real thing.

Calabria, Italy is located on the tip of the Italian shoe, where the toes would be. The region wants more young people to move there to start new businesses and help the economy.

Officials in the region started “The Active Residency Project” with the goal of creating new jobs and boosting employment for the region. The region is contributing up to $829,000 to the project, with the hopes of launching new hotels, restaurants, and other small businesses.

On an individual level, the project offers $33,000 to each person under 40 years old who moves there with some terms and conditions.

First, new residents must start a small business or work as a specific professional that the region needs. You also must apply AND be selected to receive the money for your business. Then, people who are selected must move to Calabria within 90 days of acceptance.

So, you still think you want to do it? Me too. Wanna book flights together?

Read more about this opportunity from USA Today.

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