Bath and Body Works has just dropped a collection of treats to celebrate Halloween. And yes, they know it’s July and not already fall. But, to be fair, Halloween is one of the best holidays so I think it’s safe to say that you can celebrate it early without it being annoying (unlike some other holidays…*cough, cough* Christmas…).

The 40-piece 2021 Halloween collection includes candles, lotions, hand soaps, and lots more.

There will also be new scents to go along with the fan favorites from last year: Vampire Blood, Ghoul Friend, and Purrfect Pumpkin. The new scents include Haunted Nights, Happy Halloween, Sugared Spell, and Wicked Vanilla Woods.

Haunted Nights will be a scent in candles, smelling of verbena, sage, and mahogany. The Happy Halloween scent will be available in foaming hand soap and smells sweet like marshmallows, candy corn, and orange. Sugared Spell will also be a hand soap scent, smelling like lemons, gumdrops, and sweet musk. Wicked Vanilla Woods smells just like it sounds: vanilla-ey. It’ll be a scent featured in lotions and body soaps.

Which one sounds the best to you? I think I would like Wicked Vanilla Woods.

No trick, the Halloween collection will be available in stores and online on July 26. If you want to view the whole collection from Bath and Body Works, PopSugar has a slideshow of each scent’s design.

What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?

Source: PopSugar

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