If you like to be scared, and you’re one of those people that goes to a haunted corn maze or house and then COMPLAINS about how unscary it was, then BUCKLE UP!! There is a new escape room made just for people like you who need to be absolutely terrified…But you might not want to do it if you’re scared of clowns….with red balloons…

Las Vegas has just opened a new Escape Room inspired by the horror film IT. Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment and Egan Escape Productions have teamed up to create a 30,000-square-foot facility offering two multi-room escape adventures. It will have more than 20 interactive rooms, lighting, animatronics, and live actors.

Did you know that IT is the highest-grossing horror film of all time?? That’s why I know this attraction will be huge!! The locations you can visit within the escape room are the iconic locations in the movie, like the Neibolt House, the Losers’ Clubhouse, the Derry Canal Days Festival, and the sewers below Derry.

Of course, expect to see Pennywise when you least expect him.

Escape IT is located less than 5 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. They also have private VIP experience tickets, and a full retail store attached to the escape rooms.

No word yet on when tickets will go on sale for their grand opening.

Have you ever tried an escape room? Is it easier with more people or less? Or does it depend on who you’re with?? LOL!!

What do you think is the scariest movie?

Source: Travel Pulse

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