What makes this soundtrack’s success so interesting is that it’s the only soundtrack to top the Billboard 200 album chart that is comprised entirely of previously released songs.  It’s worth mentioning that each track is a classic rock/classic hits mainstay, which only helps prove the staying power of these songs.

In the rare chance you don’t already have a reason to travel to Disney World, you now have one as the newest Disney ride from Guardians of the Galaxy prepares to open.

Marvel says on May 27, you’ll be able to help the heroes save the galaxy on the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind ride. The “family-thrill coaster” ride is located at Epcot and its opening is all part of Disney’s 50th Anniversary.

Not only will you be helping the Guardians complete their mission, but the ride wouldn’t be complete without the iconic soundtrack of the films.

The ride starts with the message from the ride’s new teaser: “This is an SOS from Nova Corps … Our outpost on Earth’s EPCOT is in danger!”

Throughout the ride, you’ll be traveling in Starjumpers, a type of Xandarian spacecraft. Marvel says the ride will be a 360-degree ride and it is the first featuring what is called a reverse launch. Couldn’t tell you what that is, but it sounds fun!!

What’s your favorite Disney ride? Which park is your favorite? How would you solve the long lines for rides at Disney?

Source: Marvel

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