According to New York Post celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas, these celebrities will have the best 2022! For one, Rihanna’s astrology says she is destined to have a remarkable 2022. As a Pieces, (February 20) Rihanna will enter a new era and have a fertile, creative, and magical year.

Kelly Clarkson, a Taurus, will grow bigger in 2022 as she continues to climb to new heights with her daytime talk show. As an October Scorpio, Katy Perry will see blossoming in her romance. This could mean big things are in store for her and Orlando Bloom.

As a Pisces, Drew Barrymore will experience new beginnings, especially with media and marketing. Her work this year will positively impact people mentally and spiritually. Meanwhile, Cancer queen Selena Gomez will feel true to her heart this year. We may even see a new romance pop up for her, as she crosses paths with friends and soulmates.

Marvel’s Spider-Man and my fellow Gemini Tom Holland will experience big money, new projects, and a deep sense of inner peace and euphoria. Another Brit celeb Adele, like Kelly Clarkson, is a Taurus and this will be a big year for her around love and she’ll step into her newfound power.

Do you believe in astrology? What’s your sign? Do you use astrology to plan your year?

Source: New York Post

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