Toy company Little Tikes is getting some heat from child development experts after the release of their newest toy. KMBC says the Pelican is a Peloton-style stationary bike made for kids ages 3-7. Similar to Peloton, it features a screen where you can play exercise videos. Little Tikes even offers a $39/month subscription for video classes. The bike alone costs $1,495.

The following is an example of a Little Tikes exercise video you can play on the Pelican:

The Vice President of Product Development Kevin Bloomfield said the company saw Peloton sales spike after the pandemic began. The idea behind the Pelican was to create a kid’s version of the stationary bike. That way, parents and kids can exercise together, promoting family bonding.

However, child development experts say a stationary bike with a screen attached is pretty much the opposite of what a child needs for ideal development. A stationary bike would take the place of a real bike which experts say kids should use to explore their neighborhood or outdoor areas.

KMBC says other toy companies have sold stationary bikes for kids before, but haven’t done well.

Child development experts say not only does outdoor play develop a kid’s categorical thinking, but it also promotes problem-solving skills and allows for social interaction.

Despite this, Bloomfield says Little Tikes has no plans to take the bike off shelves.

Source: KMBC

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