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My whole life, I’ve considered myself a night owl; I always HATED getting up in the morning, and I would sometimes need an hour or so to just lay in bed before I got up. Recently, that has all changed as I’ve been doing early morning workout classes and I’ve been loving getting up earlier.

I really never put too much thought into whether or not it mattered to be a morning person or night person until now though. A new study published in the Molecular Psychiatry journal just analyzed what the effects of your sleep schedule are on your mental health and it’s pretty interesting.

Researchers found that people with a misaligned sleep schedule (night owls) often report cases of depression, anxiety, and have fewer feelings of well-being. That’s not all; the higher the misalignment is, the greater for the chance of depression, the study finds.

Good news for early risers though; the study finds that if you’re a “morning person,” you are less likely to have depression.

While these studies are more based off of accounts of participants other than actual scientific or genetic findings, it is still interesting to note.