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MORRINSVILLE, NEW ZEALAND - APRIL 18: A herd of cows are seen through the lush green grass at a dairy farm on April 18, 2012 in Morrinsville, New Zealand. Raw milk sales are growing as more people are educating themselves on what they believe healthy food is. (Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images)

This story is so North Carolina, I love it!

North Carolina authorities in Boone had some unlikely help in finding a suspect last week; cows. According to a post on the Town of Boone Police Department Facebook, cows helped lead police to a fleeing suspect.

Here’s what happened:

The suspect, Joshua Russell Milton, flied Boone Police Officers during a traffic stop. He left his car in Deep Gap before fleeing on foot. The problem was, officers didn’t see where the suspect went.

Luckily some vigilant cows were nearby and alerted officers that something unwanted… aka Mr. Milton, was in their pasture. The cows were able to lead investigators right to the suspect, and he was arrested.

We’ve heard of a K-9 unit, but should there be a Cow-9 unit too? I think so!

Shout out to these hilarious cows that not only helped lead police to a suspect, but also gave me my favorite news story of the year so far!

Two Carolina Cities Projected to Be Under Water by 2050

Well, this headline really puts some things into perspective. Doesn’t it? Well, two Carolina cities are expected to be underwater by 2050. Climate change is clearly a big deal for many of us throughout the country, but especially in certain cities in America. Savoteur is naming the 15 cities that are projected to be underwater by 2050. WOW!

Grab those life jackets and be ready to either swim or move. Now, of course, this is not going to happen overnight but it is nice to know about certain cities in the country that you may be calling home one day. So, if you are wondering what cities are the ones to be aware of then this list may help you. Right now, we’re focusing on the Carolina cities that made this list. Check out which Carolina cities are expected to be underwater below and tell us what you think!

  • Charleston, South Carolina

    Well, this one may not have come as a surprise if we’re being honest. Charleston, South Carolina is known for some flooding and water issues for sure. But, expected to be underwater by 2050 is kind of wild. This charming little city is bound to be underwater due to hurricanes and sea-level increases in the area. As damaging as many hurricanes have been to Charleston, this is a bit sad to contemplate it all potentially being gone.

  • Wilmington, North Carolina

    Alright now North Carolina, don’t get too comfortable. North Carolina is home to one city that may be under water as well. Of course, another beach town it is Wilmington, North Carolina. This coastal city is expected to be underwater for the same reasons as Charleston. With a mixture of hurricanes and sea level rise can cause a city to be gone for sure. Now, this report is not to say this will certainly happen but it is interesting to note and keep in mind.